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  • Fund managers
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Speed up the definition & reduce the monitoring of ESG investment policy

Transparently disclose SFDR articles 8 & 9 sustainable alignments


For fund managers, our solution facilitates seamless arbitrage between diverse asset positions, offering immediate insights into portfolio quality. Our solution provides exceptional flexibility through an integrated approach, encompassing benchmark-based portfolio commitments. Intuitively score various dimensions of sustainable strategy, both at the individual asset and portfolio levels. Efficiently test and apply different portfolio compositions effortlessly through our user-friendly interface.

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Diagnostic module

Science-based suitability scores enabling portfolio simulation and tailored made investment selection.


Flexible by nature, SAFIR can be used both directly by the fund manager to analyze customized portfolios as well as investment manager to build or review model portfolios/ investment products.


Comfort your client’s product selection by explaining suitability scores using intuitive visualization, storytelling and reporting.

Sopiad Safir Portfolio Analysis

Monitoring module

Created to monitor the suitability assessment between investor profile and financial products over time.

  • Suitability monitoring

Ongoing monitoring and alerting of portfolio (Insurance-based investment products) detecting Risk or ESG suitability issues.

Proactively inform investors in case of ESG suitability mismatch​.

Sopiad Safir Suitability Radar​