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Sopiad Safafir Wm

Speed up the implementation & reduce monitoring cost of the latest MIFID ESG directive

Monitor portfolio adequacy & generate reports

Foster the collaboration by increasing client-centricity

Designed by and for WEALTH MANAGERS

In an era where non-professional investors have unprecedented access to a wide array of investment opportunities, the intricacies of making sound investment choices have grown increasingly intricate.

Streamline the investment decision-making process for retail investors by seamlessly integrating their sustainable preferences (ESG criteria) alongside their investment goals and risk tolerance.

Wealth manager

Typical needs for portfolio managers, financial advisors and compliance officer

Manage compliance cost & risk

Speed up the implementation & reduce monitoring cost of the latest MIFID ESG directive.

Measure how close you are aligned with the latest IDD and MiFID II directives by generating compliance health-check (at organization level) of your Risk & ESG suitability.

Leverage of a solution that has been presented and deeply analyzed with competent authorities.

Support asset selection process

Consideration of sustainable preferences has complexified asset selection for portfolio managers.

Discover how our decision-making tool fosters portfolio simulation and asset selection.

Simplify asset selection & comfort investors

Consideration of sustainable preferences has complexified asset selection for financial advisors.

Discover how our decision-making tool fosters collaboration and asset selection.

Profiling module

Transform regulatory requirements into the initial phase of the investor journey.

  • Risk & ESG profilers

While commonly viewed as a bureaucratic task, client profiling can also offer an elevated level of service and enhance client interaction.

Seamlessly incorporate an investor profiling module supported by cutting-edge behavioral finance and sustainable finance research, aligned with latest IDD / MIFID directives regulation.

Comprehensive financial and non-financial (ESG) profiling of clients, designed for standalone utilization or seamless integration within the broader SAFIR solution.

  • Financial and ESG literacy

Support your clients to understand financial / ESG concepts & risks.

Our financial & ESG literacy functionality helps wealth managers to educate clients and increase the probability to select products that match client’s profile (risk and ESG preferences), regardless of the investment product complexity.

Sopiad Safir Client Centric Ratings​

Diagnostic module

Science-based suitability scores enabling portfolio simulation and tailored made investment selection.


Flexible by nature, SAFIR can be used both directly by the clients (or brokers) to analyze customized portfolios as well as investment manager to build or review model portfolios/ investment products.


Comfort your client’s product selection by explaining suitability scores using intuitive visualization, storytelling and reporting.

Sopiad Safir Portfolio Analysis

Monitoring module

Created to monitor the suitability assessment between investor profile and financial products over time.

  • Suitability monitoring

Ongoing monitoring and alerting of portfolio (Insurance-based investment products) detecting Risk or ESG suitability issues.

Proactively inform investors in case of ESG suitability mismatch​.

Sopiad Safir Suitability Radar​

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